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Royal LePage Burloak Real Estate Services

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Royal LePage Burloak Real Estate Services is a large Burlington real estate agency facing increased market competition. The agency realized they required an update for their recruitment process to keep up with the industry and attract the best talent. They wanted to make sure they were not only different from their competitors but also show off their unique company culture, values, and commitment to their agents and clients.


We presented a plan to develop a video campaign to effectively communicate Burloak’s unique attributes, position them as a standout employer within the real estate sector, and inform potential agents of crucial information about the Real Estate industry. This campaign would be shared across social media platforms, directing potential agents to the agency’s website for further engagement and recruitment.

We proposed to create five video series including a case study, each tailored to highlight Royal LePage Burloak’s approach to navigating the real estate landscape. These videos were crafted to show the agency’s balanced commitment to serving its agents. Beyond the immediate goal of attracting new talent, these videos served a dual purpose: to educate and guide aspiring real estate agents by offering valuable insights, debunking industry misconceptions, and providing practical tips for those considering a career in this field.

We also proposed to create promotional videos and social stories/reels that would be used across all social media platforms to drive traffic to their website. 

A key focus of this campaign was to showcase Burloak’s non-sales support team, whose purpose is guiding agents to success. By emphasizing the roles and contributions of this essential team, the campaign underscored Burloak’s dedication to providing full support and service to their agents and clients, thus highlighting their full approach to the real estate business.


Scripting for each video was created by our team to prepare for the successful filming of interviews and voiceovers that were required. We worked in tandem with the Royal LePage Burloak team to ensure the message conveyed was clear and concise. 

Production took place over 4 days, spread out over 1 year, and shot across the Burlington area during the summer and fall seasons. Each shoot day consisted of a 2-person production team with two cameras, audio, and lighting kits. Interviews were conducted at the Royal Lepage Burloak offices with focus on Burloak non-sales support team, and testimonials from agents who have been supported by the team. Our team captured footage of the surrounding community that RLP Burloak Servies as well as local business. Shooting consisted of multiple group shots of the Burloak leadership team in the community, drone footage of Burlington. 

After the shoots were complete, the videos moved into post-production, where the footage was assembled into a rough story edits to be approved by the client before moving into the visuals. After approval of the first draft, videos were moved into picture lock before moving into Davinci Resolve for colour grading.

Each video was used across a variety of platforms, including Royal LePage Burloak’s YouTube channel and social media, and drove traffic to their website as a tool to inform and recruit potential real estate agents. 


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