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In November 2022, Row Ontario sought proposals to create compelling videos showcasing the diversity and inclusivity in the sectors of the rowing community. They aimed to create interest in rowing across Ontario, spotlighting the sport’s recreational and competitive advantages. The objective was to inspire newcomers to consider joining their local rowing clubs in their communities and participate in a sport for everyone.

Row Ontario was specific in its need for a creative team with experience in the sporting industry and who was already experienced and familiar with the nuances of filming a rowing team or event. 


After previously working with our local rowing club to produce promotional material,  we presented our understanding of the specifics needed to capture the high-paced sport to Row Ontario, such as optimal filming times and angles, as well as showcasing all of the aspects of rowing.

We presented a plan for a total of 5 videos:  4 fast-paced, enticing and informative videos showcasing what it takes to be a part of each sector of the rowing community and a 5th video with a focus on Kubet Weston, an Olympic athlete who used rowing to break boundaries in the sport and make an impact as a black athlete from an immigrant family. 

These videos would capture compelling narratives and visuals using impactful stories and testimonies from those within the rowing community, speaking to the dedication, determination, lessons and relationships gained through their involvement in Ontario’s Rowing community.  A general promotional video would be created, as well as 3 videos based on 3 segments of rowing: competitive, recreational, and the beach sprint event. 

Finally, a documentary-style video showcasing Kubet’s experience in her athletic career and how rowing impacted her life. 

By categorizing these videos based on the rowing categories, we aimed to provide a comprehensive view of the activities accessible to those interested in the rowing community, regardless of their heritage, skin colour or ability level.

The videos would also be broken down into multiple short social media teasers and shared across the Row Ontario social media platforms for the best audience reach.  


Production for the 4 videos took place over 5 days spread out over a year-long period, with the majority of the footage captured in the spring and summer seasons. Each shoot day consisted of a 2-person production team with two cameras, audio, drone and lighting kit, and took place at rowing clubs throughout the GTA and Golden Horseshoe. Interviews took place by the water, and various rowers were captured to give a comprehensive scope to the rowing community.  Our team then spent time on the water, capturing all the details and processes that both single and team rowers take part in. Shooting consisted of on and off-the-water angles utilizing a motorized Coaches launch boat alongside rowers and a drone to capture overhead and scenic views on the water. 

Production for the documentary featuring Kubet Weston took place over 2 days during the fall season, with Kubet’s interview being captured in her home and out at the water, with footage of her reminiscing and looking through photo albums, beginning from when her family immigrated to explaining where her athletic career has taken her. 

After the footage was captured, the videos moved into post-production, where the footage was categorized and assembled into rough story edits to be approved by the client before moving into the visuals. After approval of the first draft,  videos were sound-designed and moved into picture lock before moving into Davinci Resolve for colour grading.

These videos were used across various platforms, including Row Ontario’s website and social media, showcasing each distinct sector of the rowing community. 


Final videos are pending public release come back soon!

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