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Roots North Music Festival

Roots North Music Festival Recap 2019

The Roots North Music festival is a 3-day celebration that takes place on April 23rd, 24th & 25th in Downtown Orillia, with headline performances taking place at various other venues around town.

KnightVision took the helm when it came to Video and Photography assets for the promotion of the Event to help highlight each individual artist and the event as a whole in the most creative way possible!

Using unique lighting and a combination of slider shots and creative editing we feel we helped showcase this event in its best light. Trying to make each performance feel special while also maintaining the overall feel of the venue as a whole was our challenge heading into this, but like all KnightVision productions we were able to deliver something truly amazing. Visit https://rootsnorthmusic.ca/ for more information!


Tyler Knight / KnightVision Media


Tyler Knight / KnightVision Media


Tyler Knight / KnightVision Media

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