Tour De T1D Event 2018 2019

Tour De T1D 2019 | Event Highlight

We started this filming process from the beginning, marketing an ongoing event means that you have to think a year in advance on how to market the next year. Richard and Darlene came to us with that in mind and had the chance to produce some awesome content for them back to back years. Since then we have given them full documentary style highlights of their events and a handful of social media content year after year!


Taking on this project after filming the Viper Documentary was definitely a different type of pace, however taking a lot of the techniques used in the Viper Documentary and repurposing them here really helped the overall feel for the Event and helped add a sense of speed, distance, struggle and most importantly fun! Horsepower or Human power, KnightVision has got your back!


Tyler Knight / KnightVision Media


Tyler Knight / KnightVision Media


Tyler Knight / KnightVision Media

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