Industrial Video Production

Oro Design & Manufacturing

2021 Company Overview

Oro Design & Manufacturing Ltd. is the family owned and operated manufacturer of service and support vehicles for demanding applications. They focus on building the best service vehicles available on the market, tailored to each and every application. Our goal with the Oro Design commercial was to show off the service operations as the most efficient, safe, and affordable service of this kind.

Along with 4 product videos, and a company promotional video, we took on the project from Oro Design & Manufacturing to help showcase every detail and important aspect of their new fleet of trucks.

Focusing on each separate truck design, applications and tool compartments we used creative filmmaking choices along with slick edited tricks to helps keep the videos not only interesting but highly informative! This was Oro Designs first venture into video marketing and they couldn’t be happier with the results


Tyler Knight / KnightVision Media


Tyler Knight / KnightVision Media


Tyler Knight / KnightVision Media

Tire Truck Showcase Video

Lube Truck Showcase Video

Fuel Truck Showcase Video

Mechanic Truck Showcase Video