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OREA - Ontario Real Estate Association

2019 Ontario Realtor Party Conference Opening Video

We’re very lucky and grateful to be able to work with some amazing clients and the Ontario Real Estate Association is one of our favourites! While not our direct client, we are contracted by our good friend Patrick Lyver, owner of Kleurvision Inc. to shoot and edit the majority of OREA’s video projects. Pat is a motion graphics genius and takes the videos another step further to create punchy, modern videos that grab attention!

Some of our highlights include shooting photos of ex President, George W. Bush, filming ex Prime Ministers Jean Cretien and Stephen Harper. Not only do we provide event coverage for OREA/Kleurvision Inc, but also marketing pieces and internal videos that help share their messaging. Visit Kleurvision Inc at and OREA at


Patrick Lyver / Kleurvision Inc.


Tyler Knight / KnightVision Media


Tyler Knight / KnightVision Media

Motion Graphics

Patrick Lyver / Kleurvision Inc.

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