Product Photography

DWN Craft Chocolatier

When you choose to live, work and grow your business in a small town, one would expect that your chances of meeting new clients would be less than living in a big city. Thankfully, Orillia is a unique hub of creative entrepreneurs which seems to atract more and more every year. When we heard that there would be a new chocolatier moving in across the street from our studio we were excited for two reasons… 1. Who doesn’t love access to delicious craft chocolate, and 2. We were excited to meet the business owner Dawn and introduce ourselves and our business. Dawn is a cmaster when it comes to chocolate. We’re not talking your standard chocolate either. Every single product is hand-made and using fresh ingredients such as mint, rhubarb, coconut, and figs to create unique and delicious flavours not found anywhere else!


In order to capture the unique flavour and look of the products, a unique look was needed to make the product stand out. Dawn had already used a style of using the ingredients to highlight the bars and separating hte background but we wanted to take it a step further. Using studio lighting, painted board panels, and a whole lot of messes, we set out to capture her product line in a crisp, fresh, mouth-watering light that was sure to capture her customer’s stomachs with a single glance. You can find some of our images on Dawn’s website by visiting