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OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association)

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Georgian College and the Ontario Trades program had undertaken an important project to bring greater attention to the construction trades sector in Ontario. This effort aimed to break down stereotypes and highlight diverse perspectives in the industry. They were looking to showcase the inspiring journeys of various construction trades workers, emphasizing the unique experiences gained, the challenges they have overcome, and the transformative impact of the trades program on their education and future career paths.

By spotlighting the diverse perspectives and varied experiences of trades workers, the program aimed to challenge preconceptions, increase understanding and appreciation for their important work, and inspire others to consider a career in the construction trades.


We presented a plan for a compelling video series dedicated to the experiences of a trades worker. Through engaging storytelling and interviews, the videos would capture the personal journeys of trades workers from different backgrounds. The series would celebrate diversity and inclusivity in construction trades by featuring male, female, and indigenous individuals. Each video would be crafted to highlight the challenges faced by these workers, emphasizing how the Ontario Trades program played a role in their educational journey and influenced their future careers. To support our plan, we included assistance with securing buy-in from local community partners; this was done by participating in pre-interview screenings with potential interviewees to ensure everyone would be camera-ready, as well as providing each participating business with one 45-60-second promotional video composed of footage collected during the filming of the project. 




Production took place over 9 days spread out over 2 years in all four seasons across the Muskoka region, and each shoot day consisted of a 2-person production team with two cameras, audio, and lighting kits. In most cases, interviews were conducted in the morning at a job site or head office to control sound and lighting conditions. After completing the interview, our team spent the day with the tradesperson on single or multiple job sites, experiencing a day in the life of their trade. Shooting consisted of multiple ground angles, drone, and timelapse work depending on the trade to showcase the unique aspects of each area.

After each shoot was complete, the videos moved into post-production, where the footage was assembled into a rough story edit to be approved by the client before moving into the visuals. After approval of the first draft, videos were moved into picture lock before moving into Davinci Resolve for colour grading.

These videos were used across a variety of platforms, including Georgian’s website and social media, and also used to showcase to students in class for a glimpse into what they can expect in the workplace.

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